Journalist Abdallah’s Fatal Encounter The Israeli military on Friday responded to a Reuters investigation into its forces killing a Reuters reporter in southern Lebanon on October 13, saying the incident occurred in an active fighting area and was under scrutiny.

The military statement did not directly address the death of video journalist Issam Abdallah, but said that Israeli forces fired on Lebanese Hezbollah fighters in a cross-border attack that day on suspicion of disrupting an armed infiltration. .

On Thursday, while journalists were filming cross-border shelling, Israeli tank crews fired two grenades from Israel in rapid succession, killing Abdallah and wounding six journalists. found.

Journalist Abdallah’s Fatal Encounter An Israeli statement on Friday, October 17, said: On the 13th, Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters launched attacks on multiple targets in Israeli territory along the Lebanese border. “In one incident, an anti-tank missile was fired and hit the border fence near the village of Hanita.” In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said: “Following the launch of the anti-tank missile, there are concerns about the possibility of terrorists entering Israeli territory. There was,” he said.

“In response, the IDF conducted artillery and tank fire to stop the infiltration. The IDF is aware of allegations that journalists who were in the area were killed.

Journalist Abdallah's Fatal Encounter
Journalist Abdallah’s Fatal Encounter

“The area , is an active combat zone with active gunfire.” The location of this area and being in it is dangerous. “This incident is currently under investigation,” the company said.

The attack killed 37-year-old Abdallah and 28-year-old Agence France-Presse photographer Cristina Assi near the Lebanese village of Alma al-Hab, just over a kilometer from the Israeli border. I was seriously injured.

Amnesty International said on Thursday that the Israeli airstrike was likely a direct attack on civilians and should be investigated as a war crime.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a separate report that the two Israeli attacks were “clearly premeditated attacks against civilians and therefore war crimes” and that those responsible must be held accountable. said that it should be done.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday that it is important that the Israeli investigation into the killing reaches a conclusion, and that the outcome will be excellent.

Blinken told a news conference: “I understand that Israel has launched such an investigation. It is important that that investigation is concluded and we see the results of it.”