The Hunter’s Hunt – Hunter Biden has been charged with nine tax crimes in California as the special counsel’s investigation into President Joe Biden’s son’s business dealings during the 2024 campaign intensifies.

The new charges filed Thursday (three felonies and six misdemeanors) add to federal firearms charges in Delaware, where Hunter Biden was charged in 2018 with violating the Anti-Gun Drug Act. It will be added. Authorities spared him a prison sentence and moved the case. The trial could take place while his father is running for re-election.

Hunter Biden “spent millions of dollars on a lavish lifestyle rather than paying taxes,” Special Counsel David Weiss said in a statement. The indictment focuses on at least $1.4 million in taxes paid between 2016 and 2019 by Hunter Biden, who admitted he struggled with addiction. Your outstanding taxes have now been paid.

If convicted, Hunter Biden, 53, could face up to 17 years in prison. Weiss said the special counsel’s investigation is still ongoing.

Defense attorney Abby Lowell issued a strong reaction, accusing Weiss of “causing to Republican pressure” in the case.

“Had Hunter’s last name been anything other than Biden, based on the facts and the law, he would not have been charged in Delaware or now in California,” Lowell said in a statement.

The White House declined to comment on the indictment Thursday, referring questions to the Justice Department or Hunter Biden’s personal representative.

Indictments filed in California, where he lives, detail spending on drugs, strippers, luxury hotels and exotic cars – “basically everything but taxes,” prosecutors say. wrote official Leo Wise.

The impeachment comes as Republican lawmakers have launched an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, accusing him of engaging in an influence-spreading conspiracy with his son. The House of Representatives is expected to vote next week to formally authorize the investigation.

Although questions have been raised about the ethics surrounding the Biden family’s international business, there is no evidence so far that Joe Biden abused his role or accepted bribes in his current or former office.

Another long-running criminal investigation into Hunter Biden was expected to end with a plea deal that would give him two years of probation and no criminal prosecution after pleading guilty to tax violations. I was able to avoid trouble.

The Hunter's Hunt
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – JULY 26: Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, arrives to the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building on July 26, 2023 in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden is in court to review a plea deal reached with federal prosecutors on misdemeanor tax charges. (Photo by Getty Images)

The deal was denounced as a “sweetheart deal” by Republican lawmakers, including former President Donald Trump. President Trump faces criminal charges of his own, including charges of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election he lost to Democrat Biden. Rep. James Comer, R-Kentucky, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, testified before Congress on Thursday that the new charges are a result of the Justice Department’s mishandling of the investigation and the president’s son being “slow to move.” He admitted that it was done by a human IRS agent. Judicial officials rejected these claims.

IRS officials Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler said the charges are “perfect vindication of our thorough investigation.”

The new charges against Hunter Biden include filing a false tax return and felony tax evasion, as well as misdemeanors such as failure to file returns and failure to pay.

The defense has indicated that it plans to fight the new charges, likely relying at least in part on the immunity clause in the original plea agreement. The defense argued that the agreement remained valid because that portion of the agreement was signed by prosecutors before the agreement was broken.

The prosecution objected, pointing out that the document was not signed by the judge and was therefore invalid.

Lowell also said he would seek to have the weapons charges dismissed next week, calling them “unprecedented and unconstitutional.”

Three gun possession charges filed in Delaware accuse Hunter Biden of lying about using drugs to buy a gun he kept for 11 days in 2018. Federal law prohibits “habitual drug users” from owning guns, but the measure is rarely considered a standalone crime and has been challenged in federal appeals courts.

Hunter Biden’s long-standing battle with substance abuse worsened after the death of his brother Beau Biden in 2015, and in 2019, according to court documents and his memoir Beautiful Things. The incident ended with him coming clean.

Still, prosecutors are trying to figure out his total income from 2016 to 2020, citing his positions on the boards of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, a Chinese private equity fund, and a law firm. said it was about $7 million.

Hunter finally filed his tax returns in 2020 while he had a child support case in Arkansas, and the delinquent taxes were paid by a “third party,” prosecutors said in court documents.