Kanye West’s release put on hold causes Nicki Minaj to postpone her album

Kanye West’s release put on hold Dating back to 2018, “New Body” was scheduled to appear on West’s album “Vultures” on Friday. Instead, West announced his first shoe project “since the release of Adidas.” The release of West’s new album Vultures'' has been postponed after Nicki Minaj blocked the release of her collaborative song New Body.”

West was scheduled to release Vultures, a full-length collaboration with singer Ty Dolla $gin, on Friday. But shortly after the planned release, he posted a message to Minaj on social media asking, “Can I call you to clarify the new lyrics for the new album?” “What Kanye is concerned about: The train has left the station, okay? I’m not being rude in any way. I just released a new album. Why release a song that has been out for three years? “

Kanye West’s release put on hold New Body,” an ode to plastic surgery, actually dates back even further, and was scheduled to appear on West’s scrapped 2018 album Yandhi. It was later re-recorded for the 2019 gospel album Jesus Is King, which reportedly added a more spiritual direction and new Minaj verses, but this version was also never released. . “I wrote three different poems called Chili and I don’t understand them,” Minaj complained in 2019. We do not agree.” The song was also reportedly considered for inclusion on his 2021 album Donda. Minaj has since described the song as a “hit that got away.”

Since Donda’s release, West has made a series of anti-Semitic statements that have been widely condemned. Shortly after West praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, Joe Biden issued the following statement: Hitler was a demonic being. And rather than giving anti-Semitism a platform, our political leaders should denounce and reject it wherever it hides.

Kanye West's release put on hold
Kanye West’s release put on hold

Kanye West’s release put on hold Sportswear Many companies have cut ties with West after his comments, including Adidas, whose collaborative sneakers with Yeezy have been hugely successful. In place of the delayed Vultures, West has now unveiled the Yzy Pod, a sock-like shoe design priced at $200 or £159, which is “his first product since his release from Adidas”. The shoe is described as “the foldable future of footwear.”

Earlier this week, West announced Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky as the new design chief for his Yeezy company.

Rubchinsky has become a darling of the fashion world with his streetwear label, which has operated as a branch of Comme des Garçons since 2012 and has led to collaborations with Adidas and Burberry. But in 2018, a 16-year-old boy accused him of pressuring him to send explicit photos, which Rubchinsky denied. A company spokesperson said Rubchinsky had requested the casting footage, adding: “Gosha has been casting through Instagram for many years, which is normal these days.”

This week, Rubchinskiy requested the casting footage. He announced that he is leaving Garcon and working as an “independent creative powerhouse” while managing Yeezy.

When “Vultures” is finally released, expect to see collaborations with singers Chris Brown, Kodak Black, Young Thug and more, as well as producer Timbaland.

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